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MLAGES- RFID- Jewellery Software Module


RFID means Radio Frequency Id Technology.

AGES means All Gained Electronic Equipped System. It is the acronym of clever, secure electronic labelling system (First letters in its Turkish spelling).

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MLAGES is the name of the system that controls and counts the gold and diamond stock with Electronic chips fast and secure without human touch. MLAges makes the large number of orders or exits in a very short period of time securely.

MLAGES software module works entegrated with MLDiamond and MLGold Erp. Special RFID modules is necessary to use MLAges. MLAges gets the signals from the electronic chips and work entegrated with M&L solutions.

Rfid equipments consist of Rfid POS antenna and reader (to label the product and introduce to the software), fixed Rfid reader and antenna unit(to count the unites and collectively) and labels with Rfid electronic chips.

There are two types of labels with chips. These are HF(High Frequency 13.56 Khz) high Frequency and UHF(ultra HF). These chips and other equipments will be provided by us.

M&L Software is the first jewellery software company that implement MLAges Rfid technology in real practice at EKOL diamond store (Capacity AVM –ISTANBUL-TURKEY) on 2007. 

 What Does MLAGES –RFID Do?

This system controls and counts about 1000 jewellery products in average 3 minutes.

Takes and controls the stock of gold or diamond stores in a very short period of time.

Very fast and secure in comparision with MLBarkod. Saves a lot of time.

Using alarm system, prevents outgoing of the products with rfid chips.

Keeps the track of jewellery products in real time and counts the jewellery inventory at the end of the day automatically.

 Which Companies Need MLAGES –RFID System?

Retailer jewellery companies.

Jewellery companies or stores with middle-high budgets.

Center stores(jewellers, carpet, leather, souvenir stores).

Wholesaler jewellers that have marketing team.

Example:(2007)-EKOL DIAMOND Store - Capacity AVM Bakırköy(İstanbul)

How to Gain and Use MLAGES-RFID System?

M&L Software team negotiate about the terms with the jewellery company and determine the number of chips and equipments to use in retailer store’s center. The company pays the price of the all equipments in advance and then we order the equipments. We locate the equipments in 4 weeks after ordering and give system support. Then customer company gives the price of the software products and set-up is done.

Our education&support team give support in Turkish and English. We are proud to express that 20 countries over the world and 4000 users in 80 cities in Turkey use our Jewellery softwares.

MLAGES-Rfid is the technological solution of M&L Software team and will develope in order to jewellery sector’s demands.
MLAGES “ Experience RFID Technology In Jewellery With MLAGES”

“ Revolution in Jewellery Sector,Store Control in 15 Minutes-New ERA is Beginning”

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Some of customers of 20 Countries :

Turkey (KocakGold,Eris,BMARings,Ekol ,Aris ,Italgold,Jasabii,Figur ) 
Korea-Honkkong (Core Jewellery)
Dubai –(Rosy Blue Jewellery),
Italy (Milor Company),
Romania (Exgold-LaRosa Jewellery)
Kazakistan( Too Design),
USA (Genya Jew),
Bulgaria (Lux-M),
Albania (Pirro), 
Belgium (Maison),
Chech Rep(Lapis Center),
Germany(Wogs Collection), 
Tayland(CSF Silver),
Lituania (Alort jew),
Russia (Gamma Jew.),
Iran(Tizro Jew.)

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Kuyumcukent Branch Atölye Bloğu Zemin Kat 11 Sk. Kat No:3 Kuyumcukent - Yenibosna / Istanbul Telefon: (0212) 603 07 17 Destek GSM:
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