Success Stories
Success Stories-Histories
  • In 1992; we became the first software company for jewellery sector. Muzaffer Engin& Levent Sekban has first began to partnership of M&L.
  • In 1993; we used labelling system in jewellery sector for the first time in Turkey.
  • In 1995; we decided to focus on serving on software solutions and support too, and started corporate services about this.M&L Computer Co Ltd has been legaly established.Muzaffer Engin & Levent Sekban (Establishers)
  • In 1997; our new branch Office M&L AKDENİZ became the first software service company for jewellery sector in Antalya.
  • In 1998; we put the first jewellery portal JEWELCITY in action to make the sector available to use internet.
  • In 2000; all softwares became available for Windows platform.
  • In 2002; we went into operation in our new building at Nuruosmaniye.
  • In 2003; we made a detailed scan in jewellery sector and created 9 different software module for subgroups of jewellery sector. Our target oriented solutions became more preferable. We developed solutions for gold-diamond-silver-gemstone and manufacturing-wholesaler-retailer sector for single or multiusers. These solutions will continue to develop in order to sector’s demands.
  • In 2004; our education center became active. We created a new software solution for touristic region centers. Our Antalya branch Office reached about 300 companies and out general total became 2000.
  • In 2005; we created a new e-commerce website named that provides advantageous and secure shopping online.
  • In 2006; first, our Kuyumcukent branch office became active and we started preparations for Ankara branch Office. We started to set up network systems with remote connections. Corporate solutions are developed and our RFID project AGES developed and put into practice first time in Turkey and second time in the world.
  • In 2007; In July our Ankara branch Office and dealer went into action. Our new software on .Net platform, mobile applications and new version of MLJEWEL7.WIN(27th version) was put into service.
  • In 2008; we become the only jewellery software developer that meets the ISO 9001 criterias.
  • In 2009; we put MLJEWEL.NET into practice that provides you to present your products and take orders online and transfer the data between ML softwares and MLJEWEL.NET.
  • In 2010; our software translated to Albanian following English.
Completely original and native software.

Trustable, honest and unrivaled.

Friend of all jewellery companies, not one.

Main target is not to be nescient and not let anyone to be nescient.

6000 users in 80 cities in Turkey and in 30 countries all over the world.

%100 customer satisfaction.
Central OfficeAlemdar Mh. Nuruosmaniye Cd. No:2-4 Cağaloğlu- Fatih / İSTANBUL Phone: (0212) 528 87 72 (PBX) Fax: (0212) 528 87 70 Email:
Kuyumcukent Branch Atölye Bloğu Zemin Kat 11 Sk. Kat No:3 Kuyumcukent - Yenibosna / Istanbul Telefon: (0212) 603 07 17 Destek GSM:
(0555) 655 02 56
(0554) 492 27 83

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