Jewelry Automations

Which Companies Use Which Type of Software or Automations?

This part provides you to determine which software of solution you need for your company.

M&L Software team developed many jewellery software in order to jewellery sector’s demands.

These are categorized in 3 types:
Jewellery Inventory Management Solutions for Desktop
Internet-Web Solutions and
Mobile Solutions.

M&L Jewellery Software Solutions are used in manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and jewellery companies with middle-large scale and categorized according to product types of jewellery companies. As a consequence, our software solutions consist of main softwares and add-on software modules. You can determine which softwares are available and usable for your company using our table.

We present for jewellery companies, those are our combinations of M&L softwares, other equipments that used with these softwares, systems and services. These are called M&L Jewellery Automations and System Solutions. There are 6 type of automations called MLBarkod(MLBarcode), MLAges-RFID, MLSertifika-Katalog(MLCertificate-Catalogue),, MLMobile and ML Franchising-Network System Automations. You can also determine which automation is available and usable for your company using our table. To get detailed information about softwares or automations, you can click their links.

To get detailed information, you can fill the form below. We will make contact with you no sooner than your form reach us.

Please contact us filling the form below.

Information Form
Mobile Phone:
Company Name:
Company Phone:
Company Web, E-mail(if exists): 
1)Firm Type a)Manufacturer, b)wholesaler,c) retailer,d) jewellery company with middle-high scale,e)other...
2)Product Type a)Gold,b)diamond mounted product,c)silverd) gemstone, e)other...
3) Which automation you are interested with?
a) Barcode labelling-stocking – MLBARKOD(MLBARCODE)
b) Speedy store counting-control - MLAGES
c) Product certificate, vip plastic cart – catalogue and archiving-
ML Certificate- Catalogue Systems
d) Online order ve e-commerce systems, Web Solutions –
e)Mobil sales-order solutions mobile System solutions–
f) ML Franchising-Network System Automations
g) Detailed information about our services.
4) The topic you want to get detailed information about.
a) Price information
b) Technical information
c) Company analyse – make contact with our company officer .

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