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MLDIAMOND-(Gold-Diamond Jewellery Software)


MLJewel is a jewellery software for gold and diamond wholesalers, diamond manufacturers and wholesalers and retailer jewellery stores which created by M&L Software. These software is a package that consist of MLJEWEL, MLEtiket (MLLabel) and MLSertifika-Katalog(MLCert-Catalog) software modules. It is a jewellery accounting software, diamond mounted products manufacturing module and barcode labelling and certificate-catalogue module.


It can be used as a diamond or gold manufacturing, sales and reports management software.

Takes gold, silver, diamond and trappings stocks.

A jewellery accounting software that keeps the account of the companies which wholesalers and retailers buy their products from and the customers that these wholesalers and trailers sell their products to.

Company accounts, product and sales management, financial operations, diamond mounted product stocks manufacturing and detailed reports.

Consists of MLEtiket which provides diamond mounted and gold products stock with barcoding labels and gives detailed reports.

Makes pictorial documents that contains sales information for you or your customers using Certificate-Catalogue part after taking the pictures of diamond mounted and gold products.

Gold and diamond mounted product manufacturers can make CD catalogue with MLDIAMOND.

Encapsulates, inventory management including barcode labelling and certificate-catalogging, sales, purcahases and finace management, report mechanisms.

Which Companies Need MLDIAMOND?

Gold and diamond manufacturers, wholesalers and exporters in manufacturing sector.

Gold and diamond wholesalers and exporters, and silver wholesalers in wholesale sector.

Companies that sells gold and diamond products, jewellery stores and touristic region stores in retailer sector.

Besides, companies that use barcode labelling and certificate systems make pictorial product catalogue in order to take orders from their customers.

How Companies Use MLDIAMOND? How Do M&L Team Work?

M&L Software team negotiate about the terms with the jewellery company and determine what the jewellery company exactly needs. After the acception of the proposal, we install the software programs. We give instructions about the softwares in a time period which is determined before. Then our Education&Support team gives support in a determined period of time. After these processes, we have optional support and consultancy service.
We provide our services according to ISO 9001 criterias since 2006 and we are on center of jewellery software sector since 1993.

Since the last period of 2010, our programsworks in Turkish, English and Albanish. We also translate our programs to German, Italian, French, Romanian and other Latin languages soonest optionally.

Our education&support team give support in Turkish and English. We are proud to express that 20 countries over the world and 4000 users in 80 cities in Turkey use our Jewellery softwares.

MLDIAMOND “ Jewellery Accounting - Diamond Mounted Products Manufacturing - Barcode Labelling - Certificate - Catalogue”

“ Diamond of the Softwares “

ML Diamond Jewelery Software Video


Some of customers of 20 Countries :

Turkey (KocakGold, Eris, BMARings, Ekol, Aris, Italgold, Jasabii, Figur ) ,
Korea-Honkkong (Core Jewellery)
Dubai –(Rosy Blue Jewellery),
Italy (Milor Company),
Romania (Exgold-LaRosa Jewellery)
Kazakistan( Too Design),
USA (Genya Jew),
Bulgaria (Lux-M),
Albania (Pirro), 
Belgium (Maison),
Chech Rep(Lapis Center),
Germany(Wogs Collection), 
Tayland(CSF Silver),
Lituania (Alort jew),
Russia (Gamma Jew.),
Iran(Tizro Jew.)

Central OfficeAlemdar Mh. Nuruosmaniye Cd. No:2-4 Cağaloğlu- Fatih / İSTANBUL Phone: (0212) 528 87 72 (PBX) Fax: (0212) 528 87 70 Email:
Kuyumcukent Branch Atölye Bloğu Zemin Kat 11 Sk. Kat No:3 Kuyumcukent - Yenibosna / Istanbul Telefon: (0212) 603 07 17 Destek GSM:
(0555) 655 02 56
(0554) 492 27 83

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