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What is MLJEWEL.Net? is a B2B (business to business) online order solution developed by M&L Software for gold, diamond, gemstone and silver manufacturers and exporters. Consists of two parts: can run in two languages at a time..
1) Admin panel that manages orders ,categorizes stocks and customers.
2) Front side that customers see the products with their pictures and other informations then make orders.
System consists of e-order module and special Web site can be design optionally and provides order management online.
You can ask for a demo version from M&L Software team.

What Does MLJEWEL.NET Do? 

Provides taking orders from all around the world.

Provides advertising the products online for manufacturers or wholesalers.

Can be entegrated with MLDIAMOND and MLSIPARIS and can make data transfers.

Removes the possibility of any mistakes in orders.

Which Companies Need MLJEWEL. NET?

Gold, diamond, gemstone and silver manufacturers, wholesalers and exporters.

Expecially prefered by manufacturer-wholesaler jewellery companies that prepares pictorial catalogues and take orders.

The Middle-Big Range Jewellery Manufacturers and WholeSaler Companies.

How Can Use MLJEWEL. NET? How Do M&L Team Work?

M&L Software team negotiate about the terms with the jewellery company and offers a new Web site or entegration to a current Web site. After the acception of the proposal, M&L Software team make design and software analyses and prepare the Web site. Web site has two language options.
Our education&support team give support in Turkish and English. We are proud to express that 20 countries over the world and 4000 users in 80 cities in Turkey use our Jewellery softwares.

MLJEWEL.NET is the latest project of M&L software team and will be developed according to your demands.

MLJEWEL.NET “ Online Order Management From All Around The World”


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On-Going Projects: 

Koçak Gold, Sadeis Online B2B Order System


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